Entangled Among The Branches is a plot and game-driven Sims 4 story heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland and various fairy-tales. Thank you to Lady Lobster and Haids for encouraging me to do this!

It follows Ainsley Beanblossom, a young woman suffering from depression who has just moved to Brindleton Bay, living alone for the first time and seeking stability and purpose within her life. Of course, nothing is ever really stable, is it? Especially not in the whimsical world of our childhood dreams.

If you don’t feel like this story is your cup of tea, or if you’d like to sample another flavor, feel free to click on the Other Stories link above! I will be linking to Sims 4 stories I’m reading (or writing) on that page!

The Links will take you to a page with credit and links to any gallery lots or specific CC I happen to use.

Content Warning:  This story will contain plenty of whimsy and nonsense, though they will also be portrayed alongside more adult themes, including: depression, nudity, sex, and the potential for violence and death. Anyone easily triggered by these subjects should keep this in mind before reading.

As always, I will post a content warning at the start of a chapter if it contains even the slightest hint of NSFW or sensitive material; I never show anything graphic.